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Carmine Phanes

Ice Cream Dreams Poop Bag Holder

Ice Cream Dreams Poop Bag Holder

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Who can hear the sound of the ice cream truck now? If warm days, cool nights, and the ice cream truck bring back memories, this is the collection for you! It is nostalgic, and yet has a lot of modern details. Beautiful, lighter color palette makes it a perfect collection for summer fun at the park, or for a year around fashion accessory to wear to a party. Complete the set with the matching leash, harness, bandana, collar and bow tie (coming middle of June).

Nobody wants to pick up poop, but with Mina and Pup's fun and cool waste bag holders, this job just got less messy. Roomy enough to hold a full roll of waste bags and other small items such as money, a key, and treats. Zippered for ultimate security. It even comes with your first roll of poop bags, so all you have to do is attach it to your matching leash and enjoy your walk.

Camila Prints Design

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