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Indigo Juneberry

TBA Raptor Away Safety Jackets

TBA Raptor Away Safety Jackets

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Safely Protect Your Fur Babies from Vision Hunting Birds of Prey!

Our reflective holographic jackets are hand-made & each one is as unique as your pet

Raptors hunt visually – our jackets keep your pets safe!

Light Weight & Water Resistant & Comfortable for ALL-Day Wear

Holographic reflections – Highly visible day or night

Hook & Loop fasteners at chest and under belly for easy-on and easy-off

Leash ready with reinforced opening

Super fun for ALL occasions – Trendy Shimmery Fashion Clothing

Available in Red, Green or Yellow

!! Important - No two jackets are alike - each one is as unique as your pet - only the solid color is always the same - Red, Green or Yellow. The style of the sparkling fun holographic fabric - that will be a surprise when your jacket arrives!!!

For additional protection for your pets in your yard – you can add on a Floating TBA and/or hanging Twirly Bird Away – to keep all birds out of your entire yard!

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